This film has a very different cadence than others I’ve created. Time-lapse footage of stormy weather lends itself easily to a dramatic soundtrack - and that’s the direction I’ve typically leaned into. This year I was approached by my old friend Phil H who suggested I work with a friend of his, David Nevue. David is an internationally acclaimed pianist who had written a beautiful song, Equilibrium, but it was a much slower, contemplative piece of music than I had been looking for. 

As I listened to the music over and over and let it soak in, the story began to synchronize with my view of the skies as I chased the weather. Some have said the 2019 Arizona Monsoon was a let-down. My experience was the opposite - I experienced more beauty in those brief months than every before and I’m convinced some of that was David’s soundtrack playing in my mind, acting like a lens through which I viewed the weather before me. 

The result is a film with longer individual sequences and a slower pace than might be expected for dramatic weather sequences. The music drive me in a somewhat different direction than I had planned, and that was a good thing - I’m so pleased with the result.  

I feel so blessed to work with David to produce this project - Equilibrium. I hope you enjoy, and if you do, please Share!


* Note that most video is available for licensing in resolutions up to 4K.
  Many sequences are available in longer durations.